Emotional Experiences

Funded in 2016 by Francesco Bernardi and Gianpiero Perri , the company Emotional Experiences (EE) brings together a wide range of competencies and skills in different sectors such as art, culture and entertainment.

EE explores the different art forms as well as the vast potential use of technologies for the entertainment industry. Its aim is to enhance and convey a new way of communicating, based on storytelling and new forms of expression closer to contemporary sensibility and taste.

EE plays its role within the experience economy, where value creation is a function of the ability to engage and offer memorable experiences. In this perspective customizing an experience means to dramatize a story, to create contexts of sense and meaning, whose final goal is engaging and communicating.

EE loves experimenting new languages, new forms of expression, testing cutting edge technologies. Multisensory immersive spaces become the carriers of a cultural and artistic communication using their peculiar interpretative and narrative signs.

Emotional exhibitions, sensory shows, museums of the future, are just some of the ways in which EE intends to enhance the symbolic universe of a community, as well as celebrating the protagonists of its cultural and artistic life.

The founders

Francesco Bernardi is an energy expert, entrepreneur, founder and owner of Illumia spa, a company operating in the electricity and natural gas market. He is the promoter of enthralling cultural events. As Manager of the company Muse he has been promoting for years art shows around the world and four Great Exhibitions in the Braccio Carlo Magno in the Vatican City. He is the President of Emotional Experiences, the company producing the "Viva Vivaldi" show.

Gianpiero Perri is an expert in local development programs to foster cultural heritage and tourism. He has been a member of the Scientific Council for the Cultural Heritage Department of the National Council of Research and Project Manager for the Baghdad Virtual Museum.

He has been  M.D. and Project Manager for Officina Rambaldi, a company funded with the three times Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi. The company developed also "Mille Italie, una Patria", a multimedia exhibition for the inauguration of Vittoriano in Rome; the innovative Museum of Historiale di Cassino; the theme park “Cinespettacolo della Storia Bandita” in Basilicata.

He has been the CEO of the Basilicata Tourist Board, member of the Committee for ECOC Matera 2019. He collaborates with FacilityLive as part of ITC. He is the Vice President of Emotional Exhibitions and coordinator for the project " Viva Vivaldi - The Four season mystery"